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Top Dentists in Ann Arbor, MI

Ann Arbor is home to the University of Michigan, as well as the largest football stadium in the entire United States. It’s also home to an annual Art Fair that is considered the largest in the nation, showcasing over 1,000 artists every year.

Everything is big in Ann Arbor, so your smile should be too. But when dental care can be so expensive, it’s hard to find the gusto to show everyone your pearly whites. The good news is that Ann Arbor’s top dentists are backed by Flossy: the pay-as-you-go dental service that saves you money (even without insurance).

Dental Care in Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor is a growing small town with an eclectic downtown area and a bustling cultural scene. For those reasons, it’s no shock that it’s home to over 120,000 citizens. That’s plenty of people who are also eager to help you get the smile you’ve been wanting.

The University of Michigan’s School of Dentistry is rated the #1 dental school in the United States, and since it’s located right in Ann Arbor, you can bet that graduates from this accredited program are serving new patients in the area and helping them maintain their oral health. Plus, the University of Detroit-Mercy is equally accredited, helping to foster even more talented dentists in the small town.

It’s easy to get dental care from a reputable DDS in Ann Arbor, but the problem is actually being able to pay for it. Over 50% of dentate adults across the United States have not had dental coverage over the past year, which means that there are millions of Americans who are without access to quality general dentistry, let alone restorative dentistry or orthodontics.

These problems are prevalent across the country, not just in Ann Arbor. The good news is that an affordable alternative to dental insurance is here, and it’s already taking Ann Arbor by storm.

Top Procedures in Ann Arbor

Access to emergency dental care and routine cleanings at a nearby dental office are essential for overall health and wellbeing. Let’s review a handful of the most common dental procedures that the people of Ann Arbor are looking to receive at affordable prices from Ann Arbor Dentists.

Routine Cleaning

Heading to the dentist’s office once every six months is one of those things that you’re taught to do from a young age. And that’s for a good reason. Routine exams and dental cleanings are the best ways to prevent and treat dental diseases.

During a routine cleaning, your hygienist will start by using a small mirror to inspect all of your teeth. They’re looking for cavities, gum disease, or other abnormalities that might warrant further treatment. They’ll also use a scraping tool to help get rid of plaque and tartar, which builds up on the teeth and can lead to disease if left without removal.

After that, they’ll use a gritty toothpaste to brush your teeth. This special toothpaste polishes the teeth to remove tartar and give your mouth a super fresh look. While gritty toothpaste can be abrasive, it’s okay for use once every six months by a professional.

Then, a dentist will give you a professional flossing session to remove food debris and leftover plaque in between your teeth. While flossing should be done daily in addition to brushing, professional flossing can help get some of the crevices that you might naturally miss on your own.

Some hygienists will also use a fluoride treatment, which strengthens your enamel to help fight against cavities in the future.


When plaque and tartar are left on your teeth for too long, the acids start to eat away at the enamel or outer layer of your teeth. This creates small holes in the tooth called cavities.

Cavities are the second most common disease in the United States besides the common cold. While they should still be taken seriously, the good news is that they are easily treatable, especially when caught early on by your dentist or health care provider. 

To fix a cavity, a dentist will drill away the decaying material to prevent it from spreading further. They’ll then fill in the small hole with a dental filling, which is either made of a high-quality silver amalgam, composite resin, or gold.

Dental Implants

If a cavity becomes so severe that a filling or a root canal can’t save it, your dentist might recommend a tooth extraction. This means that the tooth is removed from the gum line. And while you could live with a gap, there are options for filling the gap to restore your smile.

To place an implant, a dentist drills a hole in the jawbone where a metal post is then placed. This serves as the tooth root. Once the post is placed, the jawbone will grow around the post and provide a solid base for the new tooth.

Later on, the abutment (or replacement) tooth will be attached to the post to restore the structure and function of your smile. Some of these can be removable, while others are fixed and permanently cemented onto an individual implant abutment.

Root Canal

A root canal treatment is the step taken when tooth decay is too severe to be corrected with a filling but not severe enough to go for a full extraction. When tooth decay worsens, it erodes the layer of dentin underneath the enamel and can infect the pulp inside the tooth itself. This can lead to tons of pain and discomfort.

A root canal can fix this. During a root canal, a dentist will drill into the pulp of your tooth and remove the infected material. They’ll then clean the inside of the tooth and fill the hole with the same material as a dental filling.

Often, the filling is then covered with a dental crown. These are tiny caps placed on your teeth to help protect them from further damage. These crowns come in various shapes and sizes and are super durable, especially when you take care of them properly.

Why Choose Flossy in Ann Arbor?

If you’re reading about all of these procedures and you’re noticing that you could use a little bit of dental care on your own, we definitely don’t blame you. But you can eliminate the stress associated with cost by choosing Flossy to make the dental experience easier.

Insurance forces you to pay monthly fees, annual premiums, deductibles, and other fees even if you don’t get any services completed. This can be a major waste of money, but Flossy is here to turn the tides.

Flossy is a pay-as-you-go dental service that only charges you for what you get. No deductibles, no annual premiums, no monthly fees or membership dues. Plus, there’s no waiting period to meet with one of our trusted providers. And did we mention that we can save up to 50% on common procedures?

Speaking of trusted providers, they’re vetted against a set of specific and rigorous criteria to ensure the highest quality care. All of the providers in our network must meet the following prerequisites:

  • Toolbelt of the most modern technology and advanced techniques
  • Four stars or more on trusted review sites like Yelp or Google
  • Excellent patient reviews
  • Graduate degrees from accredited dental programs
  • Peer recommendations and testimonials

It’s quality dental care that you can trust at affordable prices you can stomach. From booking your appointment to paying for your procedures, you can do everything in our smartphone app to eliminate the pain associated with insurance.

All Ann Arbor Procedures

Don’t wait any longer to get the dental care that you’ve wanted just because of cost barriers. Flossy can save you up to 50% on common treatments so you can smile more and worry less.

Here are just some of the services that we’re proud to offer the citizens of Ann Arbor:

  • Cleaning
  • Oral exam and X-Rays
  • Straightening and Alignment
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Root canal
  • Fillings
  • Extractions
  • Bridges
  • Veneers
  • Dentures and Periodontal Work
  • Crowns

Bringing Brighter Smiles to the Midwest

Ann Arbor is a picturesque town with vibrant cultural and music scenes as well as a bustling food landscape. It’s not hard to want to smile when you can call this place your home, so let us help you make it your best one yet.

Flossy is an alternative to traditional dental insurance — it’s a pay-as-you-go service that aims to make dental care accessible and simple. From emergency services like extractions to routine cleanings, Flossy makes it easy to get the help you need.

No insurance? Perfect. Book an appointment with Ann Arbor’s top dentists to get 50% off dental treatments like fillings, bridges, crowns, and more without needing to worry about the hassle of insurance.

Call us today to get started!


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