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A tooth infection can cause excruciating pain, but can it be fatal? Read on to learn how long you can wait before serious problems occur.
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How Long Until a Tooth Infection Spreads and Becomes Fatal?
Treating Mucocele: Should I Go to the Dentist or Doctor?
A mucocele is a type of small cyst that forms on the inside of your mouth. Discover who you should see to treat it with this guide from Flossy.
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How Can I Get Wisdom Teeth Removal With No Insurance
Paying for a wisdom tooth extraction can be costly without insurance. Learn how to afford this procedure with this guide from Flossy.
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Root Canal Without Insurance: Where to Go & What’s the Cost?
If you don’t have insurance, then paying for a root canal might be difficult. Discover how to afford this procedure with this guide from Flossy.
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How Long After a Root Canal Can I Eat?
Wondering when you can eat after a root canal? Our article has the answer and recovery tips.
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Worried that your wisdom tooth may be infected? Check out these ten common symptoms from Flossy that are a sure sign of an infection.
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10 Common Signs Your Wisdom Tooth Is Infected
Cavities and stains have many similarities. Find out how to tell them apart and which steps you should take if you have either one.
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Cavity vs. Stain: How To Tell And What To Do

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“As for consumers who have insurance, their main gripe is that not enough services or procedures are covered.”
Look no further, Flossy is available for all dental work, including implants & cosmetic procedures.
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How Long Does It Take For Dental Anesthesia To Wear Off?
Are you curious how long it takes the effects of dental anesthesia to wear off? Discover the answer with this guide to dental anesthesia from Flossy.
How Much Do Dental Bridges Cost [2024 Review]
Explore 2024 dental bridge costs, types, and savings strategies with or without insurance. Get detailed insights to navigate dental care expenses effectively.
8 Perfect Foods to Eat After a Dental Operation
What you eat after dental work can impact recovery. This guide from Flossy explains which foods to avoid and which to include in your post-op diet.
How Much Does Dental Cleaning Cost With & Without Insurance?
Dental cleanings can help prevent oral health issues, but how much do they cost? Flossy shares what you can expect with and without insurance.
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