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Scottsdale, Arizona, is one of the best places to start a family or live your life independently. With some of the best schools in the state and an abundance of safe, suburban areas, this city is filled with high-end boutiques, luxury resorts, and championship golf courses.

There’s truly something there for everyone, and that’s probably why over 250,000 people are happy to call it their home. But among the luxury shopping and fitness, citizens still need some proper health and dental care to keep them going.

The problem is that only 50.2% of adults in the United States have had dental insurance coverage over the last 12 months, leaving nearly half of the country to fend for themselves. But we’ve got some good news in Scottsdale because an affordable alternative to dental insurance is here.

Dental Care in Scottsdale

The majority of dentists in Scottsdale are talented, professional, and among some of the world’s best. Even still, there’s a need for accessible dental care in Arizona due to families who are without or unable to afford dental insurance.

In fact, 1 in 5 Arizonians avoid smiling due to their mouth and teeth, and 66% of the state’s population reported that cost was the main reason they don’t visit the dentist more frequently. 

This emphasizes the dire need for more accessible dental care in Scottsdale, Arizona, and the country. At Flossy, we saw this problem andwe’re here to bring some relief.

Four Top Procedures in Scottsdale

There are a lot of reasons to smile if you’re living in Scottsdale, so you might as well make sure it looks its best. Here are some of the top procedures in this Arizona city:

1. Dental Fillings

Cavities are one of the most common dental ailments in the country. In fact, over 80% of Americans have at least one cavity by their mid-30s. Fillings are the procedure used to fix a cavity.

Fillings involve repairing the tooth with a bonding agent to protect the inner pulp of the tooth and repair the damaged enamel on the outside. They can be tooth-colored and are often barely noticeable.

2. Dental Crowns

If a cavity is left untreated for too long or another external trauma to the tooth occurs, a crown might be required. These are coverings that go over the entire tooth to replace the visible components. These function to strengthen, restore, and improve the appearance of the mouth.

3. Dental Implants

Dental implants replace the root of a tooth with metal posts. These are sometimes necessary during instances when the root of a tooth becomes damaged or infected. They’re often used as an alternative to dentures, as they are a lot less intensive and usually more comfortable.

4. Dental Cleanings

Regular teeth cleaning is one of the most essential and common procedures among those who see a dentist consistently. Not only does professional cleaning freshen your breath and your smile, but it removes heavy tartar buildup that might otherwise lead to cavities, gum disease, and more.

Why Choose Flossy in Scottsdale?

Cost shouldn’t be a barrier between you and quality dental care, and thanks to Flossy, it’s no longer an issue.

Flossy offers various dental services, from emergency procedures to repair broken and infected teeth to routine cleanings, with a simple pay-as-you-go model. Compared to insurance which has hidden fees and monthly premiums, Flossy only charges you for the services you receive. And since membership is free, nothing is standing between you and quality oral healthcare.

Not to mention, there’s no waiting period to see one of our vetted dentists, who must meet a rigorous list of criteria. These prerequisites include:

  • Utilization of modern techniques and technology
  • Four stars or more on popular review sites, like Yelp or Google
  • Graduate degrees from accredited dental programs
  • Excellent patient reviews
  • Peer recommendations

Our mobile app makes it easy for you to book an appointment and save up to  as much as 50% off of your next set of dental procedures.

All Scottsdale Procedures

Flossy is proud to service the Scottsdale area and bring proper oral healthcare to a community that needs it. Here are just some of the procedures that our talented team of providers is happy to assist with:

Smiling Scottsdale

Scottsdale, Arizona, is an epicenter of culture, art, and food, making it one of the best places to start a family. And with Flossy bringing affordable dental care to this refined city, it’s becoming an even better place for you and everyone you love.

Flossy is your affordable alternative to dental insurance. With no monthly premiums, no fine print, and no deductible, you’ll simply pay for each service as you go. And with transparent pricing, you’ll know exactly what you owe upfront.

No insurance? No problem.

Book an appointment with Scottsdale’s top dentists without breaking the bank. We offer up to 50% off dental treatments like fillings, extractions, implants, bridges, veneers, crowns, and more.

Call us today and get started.


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