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With its rich history, iconic monuments, and diverse culture, Washington DC is home to over 700,000 residents. Yet, not everyone has easy access to quality dental care, as over 30% of Americans lack dental benefits.

The good news is that an affordable alternative to dental insurance is now available in the heart of the nation's capital.

Dental Care in Washington DC

Washington DC boasts a selection of top-tier dentists and orthodontists, thanks to esteemed institutions like the Howard University College of Dentistry. Quality dental care is available, but access remains a challenge for many residents. In the District of Columbia, 18% of people avoid smiling due to the condition of their teeth or mouth, with 63% citing cost as the primary barrier.

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4 Top Procedures in Washington DC

Emergency dental care and routine dental procedures are vital for your overall health. Here are some common procedures sought after by the citizens of Washington DC.

1. Routine Cleanings

Getting a routine cleaning by an oral hygienist is essential for removing tartar, a hardened plaque build-up that irritates the gum line. Not getting a regular cleaning can increase the risk of gum disease and other unsightly conditions in the mouth.

2. Fillings

If tartar is present on your teeth for too long, you might develop a cavity. While this is a common condition, affecting over 80% of Americans once they hit their mid-thirties, they still need to be taken care of accordingly.

A filling resolves the issue by filling in caries or holes in the tooth to prevent infection and further damage.

3. Root Canal

A cavity can go untreated to a point where it begins to damage the tooth’s inner integrity. This can lead to a lot of pain, but root canals are a procedure that can help to fix it. These involve drilling out the pulp that’s connecting to the nerves, which are causing discomfort.

4. Dental Implants

If a tooth becomes too badly damaged, extraction or pulling it out may be necessary. This is when the tooth is removed from the gum socket completely. This is also sometimes necessary when a tooth causes overcrowding in the mouth, such as wisdom tooth removal.

When the tooth is extracted, a prosthetic dental implant is often used to restore the function of the missing tooth. They’re often preferred over dentures.

Why Choose Flossy in Washington DC?

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Unlike insurance, Flossy adopts a pay-as-you-go model with no deductibles, monthly premiums, annual fees, or membership charges. Our trusted providers meet stringent criteria, ensuring quality care with modern techniques and technologies.

All of the providers in our network must meet the following prerequisites:

  • Utilization of modern technology and techniques
  • Four stars or more on popular review sites like Yelp or Google
  • Peer recommendations
  • Graduate degrees from accredited dental programs
  • Excellent patient reviews

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All Washington DC Procedures

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Giving You Reason To Smile, Washington DC

Washington DC, with its historic charm and cultural significance, deserves smiles all around. Flossy makes dental care hassle-free, providing a flexible pay-as-you-go solution. From emergencies to regular cleanings, we ensure you get the care you need when you need it.

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