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Dental Health

Many disorders are first visible in the mouth, in the form of pain, inflammation and even fungus. Read our articles below and learn how to keep your mouth healthy.

What To do About The Canker Sore on The Tonsil?
Canker sores, in general, can be tough to overcome, but they’re especially hard on the tonsils. Learn how to treat them and prevent them.
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7 Reasons Why Your Tooth Is Sensitive To Pressure
Uncover the reasons behind tooth sensitivity to pressure in this informative article. Find relief with Flossy, the affordable dental care solution.
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White Spots on Teeth: What Do They Mean?
Having white teeth is one thing, but having white spots on the teeth is another. Learn why those spots happen and what you can do about them.
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What You Need To Know About a Dental Bone Graft
Discover more about dental bone grafts and how they impact oral health. Find out how to restore your smile’s strength with this guide.
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9 Causes of Black Spots on Teeth
Discover the common causes of black spots on teeth in this informative guide. Learn about prevention and treatment to keep your smile bright!
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How Often Should You Go to the Dentist?
Delve into the frequency of dentist visits. Understand the importance of consistent check-ups and their role in upholding oral health with Flossy.
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Massachusetts Ballot Question 2: Explained
Massachusetts ballot question 2 was a landmark initiative for dentists and consumers. Learn about the effect that this vote has on your healthcare.
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8 Perfect Foods to Eat After a Dental Operation
What you eat after dental work can impact recovery. This guide from Flossy explains which foods to avoid and which to include in your post-op diet.
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