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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Flossy dental insurance?


No, Flossy is not dental insurance. You can use Flossy as an alternative or complement to dental insurance. With no monthly or annual membership fees or premiums, Flossy simply saves you money at the dentist.

Can I use Flossy if I have insurance?


Yes! Flossy helps match you to a top-rated dentist in your area that accepts your insurance. If a procedure you want or need is not covered by your policy (hello, whitenings!), Flossy kicks in to save you money every time you visit the dentist. By booking with Flossy, you can rest assured that you’re always paying the best price whether through our discounts or your existing policy.

How is Flossy able to provide these discounts?


We believe dental care should be accessible to everyone. We’ve spent years negotiating discounts with select local dentists and have succeeded in our mission to lower the cash prices you would normally pay.

Do you have same-day appointments?


Yes! Finding a dentist when you have a dental emergency has never been easier. You can seamlessly check availability and book a Flossy dentist online or on the phone with one of our experienced customer care representatives.

Why aren’t all dentists available through Flossy?


We only partner with dentists who meet our rigorous standards. Every dentist is pre-screened to ensure quality of care, proper licensing, and high patient satisfaction. We value and monitor patient feedback to ensure that every practice upholds their commitment to premium care.

Are there procedures I can’t get a discount on?


No. Flossy offers discounts on all dental procedures, even cosmetics rarely covered by insurance. That’s why we’re confident that booking a Flossy dentist is the best option for your mouth and your wallet.